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2018 Awards Ceremony Photos

Posted on Feb 4, 2019

We were proud to provide many of our 2018 award winners with a ceremony at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival. Each winner (who wanted to) got to go onstage and talk about their winning screenplay.

And of course our friends at SOFF got pics of our winners on the red carpet.

Click Here or on the photo below to be taken to the photo album from the Awards Ceremony.

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2018 Winners

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival!

Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult and long process. The scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work.

2018 Grand Prize Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure: Go Catch the Devil by Martin Blinder
Movie: Comedy: A.B. Is An E.T. by Aaron Yarber
Movie: Drama: Bundle of Love by Giselle King
Movie: Thriller/Horror: Farther Than You Can Imagine by Brook Hoffman
Television: Half Hour: Kate Allen Is Getting A Life by Linda Stuart
Television: One Hour: Carry That Weight by Marla Greene

2018 Honorable Mention Winners

Movie: Action / Adventure

Chimera by Andy Walraven
Drifters by Cecilia Carcamo
Kayfabe Intercontinental by David Piechowski
Shadow Wolf by Patrick King

Movie: Comedy

All for One by Daniel Flores
Cesar and Max by Susan Klos
The Greatest Actor Alive by Cheyenne Grogan
White Lie Wedding by Whitney Powell

Movie: Drama

Drawn to the Dream by Heather Somers
Fear by Peter Jang
Stone by Tom Foran
Utopia by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

Movie: Thriller/Horror

At The Mercy Of Faith by Samuel Taylor
Depravity Blessed by Brandon Reim
Followers by Jared Phillips
Le Mystique by Anthony Vasley

Television: Half Hour Script

Davis Hall by Charlie Robinson
Shevolution by Minerva Vier
The Lovely Assistant by Maddy Zauss

Television: One Hour Script

Apache by Cameron Barsanti
Love|Depraved Cathedral by Meaghan Hynes
The Devil and Saint Jayne by Ashley Marie Ryan
The Helper by Cynthia Feusi


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