2023 Winners

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the final round, every script is read by at least five judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings become the winners!

This year, the winning screenplays listed below represent the top 5% of entries that we receive.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

Grand Prize Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure : King of Blades by Paul Hikari
Movie: Comedy : Me’n Gus by Leslie Flannery
Movie: Drama : Lyman: The Movie by Anne Johnstonbrown
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Rough Cut by Mitchell V Slan
Television: Half Hour Script : Always Something by Courtney Slusser
Television: One Hour Script : Amy (Sort Of) by Peter Podgursky

Honorable Mention Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure

Movie: Action/Adventure : Britt Johnson by Peter Bloomquist
Movie: Action/Adventure : Brothers Blood by Virginia Travers, CV Herst, Scott Amour, & Clayton Shuster
Movie: Action/Adventure : If You See Me by Vanesa Stoynova
Movie: Action/Adventure : Pardou by Lacy McClory & Duane McClory

Movie: Comedy

Movie: Comedy : A Midsummer Night’s Play by Eric MacKinnon Johnson
Movie: Comedy : I’ll Be Doggone by Robert Cole
Movie: Comedy : Love Me X 3 by Erin Elizabeth Keefer
Movie: Comedy : Playing Hero by Warren Lane

Movie: Drama

Movie: Drama : A City Clean and Good by Daniel Lin Worthen
Movie: Drama : Anna Incognito by Laura Preble
Movie: Drama : Before the Dust Returns by Adam Peditto
Movie: Drama : Victory Disease by Andrew D TePas

Movie: Thriller/Horror

Movie: Thriller/Horror : Chateau Sauvignon by David M. Night Maire & Adam T. Wolfe
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Hello. by Sophia Lee
Movie: Thriller/Horror : S-21 by Kylee Q Robinson
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Stupid Dead Boy by Alex Vickery-Howe

Television: Half Hour Script

Television: Half Hour Script : AnHedonia by Lucky Bailey
Television: Half Hour Script : Hoof & Horn by Kevin Brunner
Television: Half Hour Script : Locked Up: The Fish by Ronald D. Smith
Television: Half Hour Script : TINU by Nirali Shastri

Television: One Hour Script

Television: One Hour Script : The Combat Art Collective by Baron Rotza
Television: One Hour Script : The Mind’s Eye by Gabriel Meyers
Television: One Hour Script : The Orphans by Johnny Galvan
Television: One Hour Script : Wench by Aaveen Marandi & Tommy Miller