Screenplay Festival was established to solve two major problems:

Problem Number One:

    • It is simply too difficult for talented writers who have no “connections” to gain recognition and get their material read by legitimate agents, producers, directors and investors.

Problem Number Two:

Agents, producers, directors, and investors complain that they cannot find any great material, but they will generally not accept “unsolicited material.” This means that unless the script comes from a source that is known to them, they will not read it.

Screenplay Festival was established to help eliminate this “chicken and egg” problem. By accepting all submitted screenplays and judging them based upon their quality — not their source or their standardized formatting or the quality of the brads holding them together — Screenplay Festival looks to give undiscovered screenwriters an opportunity to rise above the crowd.

The competition’s categories ensure that a truly wonderful script is not punished or ignored because it is in a genre that does not usually win awards. There is no limit to the frustration experienced by the writer who commits the crime of writing “fun” or “likeable” material. It always seems to be “important” films that win the accolades. In reality, people love dramas, but they also love comedies, family movies, action pictures, thrillers and horror flicks. Writing for a fun genre should not forbid a writer from having their talents acknowledged.

Importantly, there is no limit set upon the number of Honorable Mentions in each category. When designing Screenplay Festival, its founders considered having five honorable mentions per category – but what if there were seven family scripts that deserved to be made and nine action scripts that would rock a director’s world? For this reason, any script that is deemed worthy of making it to the screen by Screenplay Festival’s judging committee wins an Honorable Mention in its category.

It is with these policies that Screenplay Festival greatly assists legitimate agents, producers, directors and investors. By allowing them to view the Grand Prize Winners and Honorable Mentions from each category, Screenplay Festival goes out of its way to get winning scripts into the hands of professionals who will make something happen for that script.

Simply put, filmmakers with the resources to complete films know that they want to make a romantic comedy, a horror film, or a family movie. Screenplay Festival provides them with a source of quality scripts for them to choose from that is categorized in ways that are most useful for them.