industry outreach

Are you an entertainment industry professional?

Screenplay Festival runs a program to assist agents, managers, and producers interested in our winners. We know your time is limited and we also know that you want to avoid a barrage of unsolicited emails. What we do is make sure you receive only the loglines of the Screenplay Festival winners. If the logline sparks your interest, it is up to you if you have the writer send a more complete synopsis, or send the script with release form, or hop onto Zoom for a quick chat.

We established Screenplay Festival in 2002 to help get great, unknown scripts into the right hands. Working directly with industry professionals has been a part of that from the beginning. We ask you again every year if you wish to see the new winners instead of automatically having them sent your way. We want to be 100% certain that you never receive anything unsolicited related to Screenplay Festival.

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