2022 Winners!

We appreciate everyone who submitted work to Screenplay for the 2022 competition.
Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult and long process.
The scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work!

Grand Prize Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure : Caleb by Philip Michael
Movie: Comedy : Making Twain by Greg Beattie
Movie: Drama : Out of the Flames by Stephanie Hutchinson
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Dead Key by Akio Duffy
Television: Half Hour Script : Atlanta “What I’d Call a Man’s Man” by Carlos Dorsey
Television: One Hour Script : Ceyenne: Woman of Medicine by Sophia Lee

Honorable Mention Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure

Hawk Moon by Cal Athan
No Glory by Shawn McKenna
Queen of Kings by Dathan Paterno
The Tip of the Spear by John Stimson

Movie: Comedy

10 Years Ago Today by Justin Reager
By the Time I Got to Woodstock by Jeffrey Massie
Ghosted, with Love by Bob Canning
Once Upon a Time in a Spaghetti Western… by Steve Hanisch

Movie: Drama

A.C.L. by Matt Gamarra
Mad by Dathan Paterno
Three Rivers Meet by Craig Stewart
Time, Space, and The Poet by John Turner

Movie: Thriller/Horror

Devoid by Ian Monahan
Eyelashes by Kelly Palmer
Goat Man by Rich Imperato
Nocturnal by Richard Hohenrath

Television: Half Hour Script

Inside Job “Water Work” by Lars Ingelman
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Befriends a Rapist” by Tom Franey
Musky Hole Rep by Brian Kahn & Lana Wilson
What We Do in the Shadows “The Virgin Killer” by Chloe Cunha

Television: One Hour Script

Bearcats by Monica Foley
Cabbagetown Confidential by Erik Long
End of Days by Danny Alex
The Seven by Igor Stefanovic