2022 Semi-Finalists

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the first round, every script is read by at least two judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move on to the second round!

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage of scripts make it through the first round?”  This year, the First Round screenplays listed below represent the top 50% of entries that we receive.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

Semi-Finalist Round Results

Movie: Action / Adventure

A Childs Prayer by Raymond Warrillow
Alternative Education by Sandra Moonias
Barkoo’s Amerie by Richie Valentino
Bingo 2.0 by Justin Kagan
Caleb by Philip Michael
Close by Kristen Wade
Dogfight by Hannah Gavagan
Drunken Angels by Adam Carr
Flyboy by Gary Ivey
Freeze! by Leigh Hunt
Galway’s Chattel by Dave Schmeling
Hawk Moon by Cal Athan
Minerva Claus by Veronica R. Tabares
No Glory by Shawn McKenna
Nobody’s Heroes by Michael Elliott
Queen of Kings by Dathan Paterno
Red River Reunion by John Layne
Rough Stock by Lear Levin
Surviving in the Open “Dromihaetes” by Ion Ionescu
Templin Highway by William Prosser
The Black Magician by Kykesha S. Jones
The Dilemma by Robert Lugto
The Ex-Factor by Robert Isabella
The Malta Scrolls by C.F. Mello Jr.
The Terrorist by John Stimson
The Tip of the Spear by John Stimson

Movie: Comedy

10 Years Ago Today by Justin Reager
Almost An Angel by Shelton Johnson
Big’s Night by Bill Wells
Blue Chip Red by Jason White
By the Time I Got to Woodstock by Jeffrey Massie
Comittee Against Spirits, Poltergeists and Revenants by Max Leabo
Dead Man’s Hand by Ronald Ecker
Deep Reservations by David Schroeder
Dial It Back by Erin Elizabeth Keefer
Eighty-Eight Frequencies by Jeffrey Massie
Falling for You by Evie Abat
Ghosted, with Love by Bob Canning
Good Heavens, Mary! by Deborah Ebersold
Hack Need by David Schroeder
Head Block by Jessica Sadler
I.D. by Brendan O’Brien
Le Tour Kashmir by David Miller
Love Less Likely by David Liban
Making Twain by Greg Beattie
Once Upon a Time in a Spaghetti Western… by Steve Hanisch
Outgrossed by Bremer Davis
Pendejos by Charles Dewandeler
Pool Dudes by Mason Cardwell
Preacher Boy by Ender Waters
Stand Tall! by Vincent Paterno
The Florida Man Conspiracy by Stephanie Kolar
The Runaway Lawyer by Oliver Diaz
The Secret Lives of 1861 by Stacey Bean
The Wolf and The Fairy by Rich Imperato
Three Unwishes by Troy Harvey Graham
Time and Space by Steven Prowse
When Pigs Fly by Terry Podnar

Movie: Drama

365 Days Without a Killing by William Hanley
A City Clean and Good by Dan Worthen
A Drop of Water Falling by Tina Tazekand
A.C.L. by Matt Gamarra
Between the Salt and the Sky by Pamela Hunt
Black and White by Ben Burgess Jr.
Black Chef by Jonathan Sims
Centurions by Sally Stubbs
Culture of Life by Jett Anderson
Dark, But Flowing by Mohammad Keivandarian
Dissension by Stacey Spivey
Forever Young by Michael Holliday
Full Contact by Dave Kraft
Graham by Stephanie Hutchinson
Handhaven by Kristen Wade
I Want to Fly Where Monarchs Fly by Kevin Brunner
Internal Security by Stefan Alexander
Mad by Dathan Paterno
Made with Love by David Hughens
Maeta’s Story by Charles DeRykus
Moonscope by David Hunter Fein
Muddy Fork by Stacey Bean
Next Time We Meet by Bob Gokay
Out of the Flames by Stephanie Hutchinson
Reformation by Stefan Alexander
Saving Roses by Louann Fernald
The Christmas Tape by RJ King
The Deputy by Paul Corricelli
The Final Call by Attila Peli
The Forbidden Edge by Kevin Brunner
The Ice King by Nestor Villalobos
The James King Version by David Schroeder
The Methuselah Doctrine by Paul Whitehead
Three Rivers Meet by Craig Stewart
Time, Space, and The Poet by John Turner
Turn the Sandglass by Bob Gokay
Vega by Grace Merrill

Movie: Thriller/Horror

Another One, Darling by Alec Gutherz
At the Mercy of Faith (Terror Version) by Samuel Taylor
Better World by Glenn Maneval Jr
Butcher of Dreams by Kay Williams
Dead Key by Akio Duffy
Devoid by Ian Monahan
Disorder by Euroy Tan
Elevation To The Depths III by Andy Noble
Eyelashes by Kelly Palmer
Flat by Fredd Baber
Goat Man by Rich Imperato
House of Trees by Christopher Clark
Lizard People by Chris Hall
Mosshart by Alec Gutherz
Nocturnal by Richard Hohenrath
O Come, Emmanuel by Mary Blewitt
Recitation by Courtney Froemming
Sacred Sun by Michael Gould
Shutter by Kurt Weitzmann
Sunrise Trail by Glenn Maneval Jr
Tales From The Devil’s Highway by John Stimson
The Community. by Brenna Kelly
The Dentist by Tibor Olah
The Devil’s Grave by Steven Aguilera
The Lovebirds by Bethany Dwyer
The Maw by Sean Plemmons
The Shadow Falls by Clay Callender
Time, Space, and The Poet – Part Two by John Turner
Venusian by Valery Krupnik
Whisper by Sean Mick
Winter Bird by Stephen Delos Treacy
Young Goodman Brown by Matthew Parvin

Television: Half Hour Script

Absolute Dinner by Nic Turner
AmRev 2.0 by Terrence Carling
Atlanta “What I’d Call a Man’s Man” by Carlos Dorsey
Ava + Eli 4ever by Jazmine Cornielle
Bandy & Oolong by Christopher Evans
Check Out Diner by Eamonn Eeles
Corlinn by Nicholas Robinson
Difficult Conversations by Shannon Phipps
Inside Job “Water Work” by Lars Ingelman
Landlady by Carolyn Lipka
Maureen by Mary Viney
Musky Hole Rep by Brian Kahn & & Lana Wilson
Only in LA by Josh Perry
Pole Position by Sionainn Kelly
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Befriends a Rapist” by Tom Franey
The Home by Raynard Gadson
The Plague Boys by Kristian Day
What We Do in the Shadows “The Virgin Killer” by Chloe Cunha
Withering Vines by Lydia Griffith

Television: One Hour Script

Bearcats by Monica Foley
Cabbagetown Confidential by Erik Long
Ceyenne: Woman of Medicine by Sophia Lee
CURL LING by Carl Burcham
Degeneration by Richard Imperato
End of Days by Danny Alex
Half Bad by Laura Fortier
ILION by Joshua Maxwell Silvertein
Meet Les! by Carl Burcham
Missing Parts by Janine Pecenkova
Offsides by Keely Madden
Placid Valley by Stacey Bean
Red Rose by Jose Alvarez & Anthony Paulino
Somethin’ X-tra! by William C. Swett
The Battleground State by Monte Silver
The Cursed Book: 7 Deadly Sins by Gianis Athanasiou Totonidis
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel “Have Any of You Heard of Barbie?” by Katrina Kline
The Private Sector by Benjamin King
The Seven by Igor Stefanovic
Wars of Fire by C.F. Mello Jr.
WordLotto by Tom Lop