2021 Winners!

We appreciate everyone who submitted work to Screenplay for the 2021 competition.  Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult and long process. The scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work.

Grand Prize Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure : The Mayor of Armageddon by Anna Guerrero
Movie: Comedy : Tribe by Laila Abdo
Movie: Drama : Angry and Afraid by Laurie Cho
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Fulfillment by Jeremy Christensen and Kevin Human
Television: Half Hour Script : The Big House by John Griffin
Television: One Hour Script : Suburban Wildlife by Joan Sutton

Honorable Mention Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure

B.L.A.C.K. by Allen Jones
Mammoth Revenge by Leanne Wake
Sergeant Freeman by Gloria J Browne-Marshall
The House on Park Place by Debra Karr

Movie: Comedy

Are you Sirius? by Kristin Anne Fieseler
Fantasy Clash by William Mullins
go-LOVE-go by John Griffin
The Strip Club by Laura Belle

Movie: Drama

Between the Salt and the Sky by Pamela Hunt
Only Trees Hear The Silence by Brandon Troeller
The Desert Shrine by V.R. Marianne Zahn
We The People by Abdallah Saleh

Movie: Thriller/Horror

ArACNEphobia by Stephen Chen
Burn Pattern by Laura Kemp
Flash Card by Joseph Stephen Meadows
MALLed by Janna Jones

Television: Half Hour Script

Amateurs by Kirsty Budding
Gospel According to Admin by Grace Fetterman
Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 by Katrina Magat
What We Do in the Shadows “Mummy’s Curse” by Jessica Sproge

Television: One Hour Script

Cream City by Jeffrey James Keyes & Matt W. Cody
DILF by Orlando Wood
On Patrol by Linda Rebman
The Manor by William Mullins