2011 Winners

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival 2011!  Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult process, and the scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work.

2011 Winners:



Grand Prize Winner:
The Leonis Relic – T. Thor Leach

Honorable Mention Winners:
3 Minutes – Tina Field Howe
Doppelgangers – Mark Anthony
Infinite Power – Steven Oppenheimer
My Brother’s Keeper – Justin Rossire
Office Furniture Hitman – David Moss


Grand Prize Winner:
The Impostigator – Ourdia Hodge

Honorable Mention Winners:
O’Brien Valley – Eric Scheiner
Sink. Swim. Repeat. – Evan Romansky
The Mayor of Starbucks – R. A. Barry
Visitors From Home – Charlie Robinson


Grand Prize Winner:
Powerful Men – Patrick Clark

Honorable Mention Winners:
City of Deceptions – Cedric Williams & Alice Williams
Final Disclosure – Randy Maizuss
The Human Element – Valerie Marcucci


Grand Prize Winner:
Beat the Monarchs – Dan Wedeking

Honorable Mention Winners:
Devil’s Flat – The Five Messengers – Tom Christopher
Glow Stick – Michael Raymond
Hero Island – George Covic


Grand Prize Winner:
Widow Lake – Shawn McLaughlin & Mike Mityok

Honorable Mention Winners:
Cloudkill – Brent Hartinger
Dead of Winter – Robert Dorian
Scatterbrains – Richard Hohenrath
The Hunt – Deirdre L. Brenner
The Unhealer – Shawn Harris & Kevin Moore