2005 Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2005 competition.  We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2005 Winners:


Grand Prize

Mark Barry — The War Inside

Honorable Mentions

Jeremy Mayer — A War in the Mind of God

Ray Wang & Ken Rosenblatt — Falcon

Denis DeBon — PANGBORN

Miro — The Winds of Malacca

Robert H. Imrie — Worlds Apart


Grand Prize

Monique Gordon — Making Fate

Honorable Mentions

Izzy Mariano — 30 Things To Do By 30

Tim Repicky & Mike Ross — Far Beyond Gone

Foley North — Jokerman

Shawn Jones — The Other Side of Nowhere

Catherine Horne — Whatever Myra Wants


Grand Prize

Whitford Martin — Keeping Her Promise

Honorable Mentions

Stephen Settle — Eke’Bolos

Sam Zvibleman — Imagine The Moon

Alexis Boerger — Ionian Tides

Anita Skibski — Mine

Steven Zawacki — Northern Latitude


Grand Prize

Stewart Davis — Lucy’s Mighty Pen

Honorable Mentions

Benjamin Jones — Christmas Time

Maria Veltre & Jack Sekowski — Naughty But Nice

Jody Rawley & Laura Cooter — Scramble

Larry Postel — X-Mas Files

Jonathan Holly — Zeke’s Drum


Grand Prize

Dan Sarver — The Blame Game

Honorable Mentions

Jeon Rezvani — Blood Chronicles

Frank Fuda — Chasing Bigfoot

Jeff Thomson — Demon Fog

Gregory Luckett & Joshua Minnis — The Ark

Linda Konrad — Umbulali

Thomas Manning — Your Halo For My Cupcake!