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Through an exclusive arrangement with one of our judges, Screenplay Festival now offers script analysis. The testimonials at the bottom of this page are from writers who have already received analysis through us. This judge is himself an award winning screenwriter as well as a director whose most recent movie was distributed on DVD by New Line Entertainment.

What is Script Analysis?
Script Analysis, often called “coverage,” is the industry’s way to refer to a concise, written review of a screenplay. When a script is submitted to a producer, director, agent or manager, it is almost always given to a “reader” for coverage first.  This coverage is generally 3-5 pages and features a synopsis with some commentary and evaluation. Truthfully, the purpose of coverage is to allow people to have an opinion on a script without reading it. However, if given to the writer, this coverage can also be a beneficial learning tool.

The Script Analysis that Screenplay Festival is offering will be in the same format as standard coverage; however, the emphasis will be on how the writer can improve their script. The written feedback that you receive will be approximately 4-7 pages organized by the following: Overall Analysis, Characters, Dialogue, Plot, and Commentary/Suggestions. The aim of this written analysis will be not just what to change but how to change it.

What can be submitted for Script Analysis?
Only completed feature length screenplays are accepted for analysis.  Unfinished screenplays, treatments, and outlines will not be accepted for script analysis.

What are the rates for Script Analysis?

  • Script Analysis: Feature Length Movie: $250
  • Script Analysis: One Hour TV Script: $200
  • Script Analysis: One Hour TV Script: $150

If you wish to pay for script analysis, fill out the Order Form below and after you click “submit” you will automatically be taken to the payment page.

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My analyst was superb. His analysis was intelligent, probing, and on target. His suggestions definitely helped improve the script, and caused me to rethink my approach to character, scene structure, and overall plotting. I couldn’t recommend him more.

John Brinling, The Hitler Project

Please relay this message to the screenplay analyst that I find his analysis extremely well conveyed. It made the other two analyses I got from other services sound like they came from an intern.

I am very happy with the service delivered. And I would be very glad to rewrite my work and extend the same service request in the future.

Arnel Banzon, My Desert Island Disc

I sent my screenplay in twice — and had two analyses done by the same person. Each time, he kindly but clearly pinpointed problems, giving me detailed direction so that I was able to make substantial revision without too much pain. He didn’t just focus on structure and characterization, although he spent a lot of time on these issues. He also dealt with more subtle philosophical / sociological issues, considering the theme and tone of the screenplay as a whole. Thank you for this critic. I would recommend your service to any writer I know, and feel that my script is much better now than it was when I began the process.

Marcia Slatkin, Machete

I truly admire the Screenplay Festival script analyst’s candid approach to offering constructive criticism; he knows how to get his message across in a direct, yet inspiring manner. He doesn’t treat analyzing screenplays as a job; his honest heart goes deep into the analysis, while his concern for the story and the writer far exceed the financial element for him.

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with this analyst through Screenplay Festival. His value easily exceeds the cost of his analysis, as his clear insight and wisdom lead the industry.

Ken Webb, multiple projects

The analysis of Northern Latitude (2006 Drama Honorable Mention) that I received from Screenplay Festival gave me several excellent, concrete ideas on how I could improve my script and take it to the next level. Rereading the analysis after the heat of the moment, I cannot but agree with much of what the analyst had to say, and will search for ways to implement his comments in the next rewrite.

Steven Zawacki, Northern Latitude

The script I submitted for analysis, The Sybil of The Rhine, would be a challenge as, unlike the typical ‘studio ‘ biopic, this was more character driven and covered the entire life of the protagonist, from age 4 to 81. That aside, the notes as a whole were informative, encouraging, and most importantly, they inspired me to rethink and rewrite the entire script as I realized the structure tended to meander.

To the reader, I say thank you and keep up the great work.

Michael Pallotta, The Sybil of The Rhine