New Sponsor: Virtual Pitch Fest

Screenplay Festival is happy to announce a new sponsor, Virtual Pitch Fest.

Virtual Pitch Fest is the only website in the world that lets screenwriters pitch Hollywood Pros with the assurance of a guaranteed response back. With VPF, personal query letters sent to companies you pick are all responded to within 5 days. VPF now has 370+ Studios, Production Companies & Reps all taking pitches online. Big Players include Phoenix, 2929, Lynda Obst, Focus, MTA, Alcon, Benderspink, Rat, Original Film, Lawrence Bender, Circle of Confusion, Resolution, 3 Arts, and APA. VPF’s been earning major cred in the biz, with site connections resulting in produced films, many script deals & writers landing representation.

Each of our five (5) Grand Prize winners will receive 5 free pitches from Virtual Pitch Fest.