Interview with Grand Prize Winner Hilliard Guess

Screenplay Festival is proud to see one of our 2010 Grand Prize winners, Hilliard Guess, moving forward with his career.  He forwarded a link to an interview he recently gave and we could not be happier for him.  And not just because he had this to say about Screenplay Festival:

“I give a big thumbs-up to Screenplay Festival! After Winning the Grand Prize in the 2010 Thriller/Horror Category, I’ve been swamped with requests to read “30 MILES FROM NOWHERE” and doors are opening left and right. A few years ago I won Honorable Mention in the Drama Category and l have to say – their staff and awards are better than ever! This is a career changing competition… so don’t dare sleep on it!”  – Hilliard Guess

 Read the interview that Hilliard gave to the Canyon News by clicking here.