Screenplay Festival Award Winners will receive the following Prizes:

  • Cash. In each of the five Movie Script categories, a $1,000.00 Grand Prize will awarded.  In each of the four Television Script categories, a $500.00 Grand Prize will awarded. Honorable Mention winners do not receive a cash prize.
  • Recognition.  InkTip helps writers sell their scripts and get representation. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.Grand Prize winning contestants will receive the following prize from sponsor
    • InkTip Script Listing: A listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you.
    • InkTip Magazine: Publish your logline in InkTip’s magazine sent to 4000+ producers and reps.
  • Even more recognition. Every Grand Prize winning contestant will receive the following prizes from sponsor Script Delivery.
    • Full Script Delivery.  Full Script Delivery sends a personal e-query to over 3,000 industry professionals comprised of studio executives, producers, agents etc.
    • Eight month access to the Script Delivery Contact Database. The Contact Database has contact information for thousands of studios, production companies, producers, literary agencies, managers and executives, plus it allows writers to keep custom contact lists and keep notes on their dealings with companies they’re submitting to.
  • Even More recognition. Every Grand Prize Winner and every Honorable mention winner in each category will be put in contact with the production companies, agents, and managers who reach out to Screenplay Festival on a regular basis. These contacts happen for years after a script becomes a Screenplay Festival Winner.
  • Award Certificate: Every Grand Prize Winner and every Honorable
    Mention winner in each category will receive a personalized 8.5″ x 11″ Screenplay Festival
    certificate.  Here is what it looks like: