2020 Winners

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival!

Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult and long process. The scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work.

Grand Prize Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure : Kill the Prince by Laura Fortier
Movie: Comedy : Publish or Perish by David Liban
Movie: Drama : The Final Candidate by Steve Hernandez
Movie: Thriller/Horror : Bad Summer by Richard Stringham
Television: Half Hour Script : The Brew House by Kevin Matthews
Television: One Hour Script : Ruin by Justine Browning
Movie: Action/Adventure : Damn the Valley by Daniel Clark

Honorable Mention Winners

Movie: Action/Adventure

Damn the Valley by Daniel Clark
Hectic by Samantha Brennan
Inversion by Suzy Stein
Little Psychos by Alex Flaster
Minor Alterations by Shay Thurmon

Movie: Comedy

Gallows Humor by Demian Cuthbertson
Hit Girl by Wendy R Williams
The Breakup List by Grant Lyon
The Cookoff by Evelyn Pitt-Stoller
The Real Thing by Matthew Papadopoulos

Movie: Drama

Audrey’s Children by Julia Fisher Farbman
Land of the Rising Sun: A fictional tribute to Biafra by Ngozi Obi
The Coyote by Andrew Yusi
The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Courtney Froemming
Undesirable by Rodolfo Alvarado

Movie: Thriller/Horror

Birthmark by Damon Russell, Mylissa Fitzsimmons & Brenden Hubbard
Bone Men by Charles Becco
Carnivorous by Ruben Estremera & Gregory Wolk
Friday Night Frenzy by Richard Stringham
Murder Incorporated by Lawrence Moore

Television: Half Hour Script

A. P. Bio: The Crush by Paula Dixon
Camp Co-Ed by Ava Feneberger
Docents by Grace Fetterman
Duck. I Have Heroes by Devin Wilson
New Bunkerville by Alex Diedrick

Television: One Hour Script

Confidently Conflicted by ChloƩ Linn
Hidden Blood by “Seda Anbarci”
Rock Bottom by Tiffany Jackman
The Bliss Killer by LeLe Park
When In Mexico by Jorge Castro-Salinas