2019 Finalists

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the second round, every script is read by at least two more judges in addition to previous readings. The screenplays with the highest ratings move on to the final round! The scripts listed below deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Finalist make me?”  This year, Finalists represent the top 20% of entries that we receive.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2019 Finalists

Movie: Action / Adventure

A Billion Parts Per Million by Marco Ruggio
Across The Divide by Dennis O’Flyng
Black Diamond by Jacqueline Crawford
Burning Down by Austin McKinley
Dimensional Slip by Christopher Sorensen
Erased by Camille & Ambrealys Huot-Petonnet-Vincent
Euthanized by Don Stroud
Fragments by Jeffrey Larsen
Good Egg by Nicole Gomez Fisher
Piratical by Linda Miraim Aziz-Zadeh
Reach by Elliott Davidson
Sacred Profanity by Malcolm Wong
Seven Washington Place by Larry Leinoff
The Benjamin Walker Society by Leigh Hunt
The Escape Job by Connor Bethel
The Quiet Ones by Luis Cordoba
The Tower of Crystal by Juan Antonio Marty
The Venus Syndrome by Lynn Vincentnathan
Veldt by Madison Flannery
Virtual Fatality by Darrin Thompson
White Wolf, Black Wolf by Florence Nahon
Zero-Day by JoAnn Hess

Movie: Comedy

A Dead Romance by Sean Ryan
Adult Content by Hope Lasater
American Road Trip by Cassandra Schneider
Best Friends Forever by Diana Lee Woody
Black Eye: A Supernatural Lacrosse Tale by Zak Johnson
Boned by Andrea Holz
Dregslist by Karen Tengwald
Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov
Feel the Burn by Alice Wood
Happy People Anonymous by Andrea Holz
Headlight Inferno by David Rasch
Hit Escape by Mark Reynolds
How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce… by ERIN REICH
Late Fees by Darren Coyle
Lavender Lights by Sam Cavalcanti
Mad Rush by Manfred Lopez
Man Enough by gjok dusi
Men, Meet Women by Philip Centanni
Premature by Mickey Martinez
See You in Beijing by Vaughn Verdi
She’s Unexpecting by Angela Vaut
Something New by Michael Abel
Suitors of a Modern Disposition by Jackie Jorgenson
The Marriage Pact by Kevin Hanney
The Pickle Hut by Mark Reynolds
Tilt by Pearse Lehane
Truth Cannon by Ruthie Harris
Unmuseable by Laura Fortier

Movie: Drama

10 Minutes From Paradise by Janyce Lapore
As Long As The Sun Is Shining by Marc Lucas
Battle Cries by Karen Walker
Beating Vegas by Jason Fisher
Birthmom by James Hsiao
Bleed Just Like Us by Ezekiel Walker
Darwin Rising by Richard Geiwitz
Day of the White Rabbit by Liz Tabish
Deep East Texas by shaun ireland
Funny Accent by Barbara Shulgasser-Parker
Hard Promises by Barbara Bianchini
In The Game by Jason Fisher
Italians Without A Cause by Lucia Braccalenti
Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours by natalie paige bentley
Leviathan by Kristie Dickinson
Lost in Control by Maria Massei-Rosato
Modern Miracle by Jonathan Mendelson
Oh, Baby by Panda Landa
Pastor Dash by Pearse Lehane
Rust by Guy Pooles
Second Chance Feature Film SCRIPT Project by Tina Batten
Second Impressions by Mike Anderson
The Big Con by Vanessa Ryan
The Greek Girl’s Story by Alan Singerman
The Last Great Ankle Contest by June Escalante
The Love Poems of a Professional Torturer by Leigh Hunt
The Ortons by June Escalante
The Other Christmas List by Kristie Dickinson
The Steagles by Jeanie Clark
The Subtle Art of Being Human by Tristan David Luciotti
The Walk-Offs by Will Berry
You and Me and Elvis by Jimmy Barden

Movie: Thriller/Horror

Angel City by Al Mertens
At he Mercy Of Faith by Samuel Taylor
Beneath the Tundra by Sadie Hopkins
Brokered Heart by debi yazbeck
Consumed by Don Stroud
Drawing Dead by Quentin Ellis
Fractured by Katie Pelayo
Incarnate by Annie Lukowski
Jump by Ian Monahan
Minidoka County by Everett Moss
Misfortune Cookies by Don Stroud
Red Wings by Dana Hammer
Rockville by Michael DeGood
Rosemary Lane by Leal Butler
South Left Bluff by David Piechowski
Tethered by Michael Raymond
The Geminid by Joshua Meredith
The Monster of Mill County by Shawn Currie
Thy Kingdom Come by Tim Hewitt
Vessels by Levi Smith
Wiggle Room by Richard Geiwitz

Television: Half Hour Script

Blackish – “Keepin’ It Real Estate” by Tammy Caplan
Blackjack by Peter Black
Clover County Paranormal by Justin Moran
Dornalai Cailin: Girl Boxer by Lauren McCann
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Charlie Gets Married” by Josh Perry
Mental by Amy Haeussler
Not Safe For Work by Monique Abioye
Power Suit by Nick Roth
Salton Seabirds by Kyra Rogers
Schitt’s Creek – “Little Motel on the Prairie” by Oscar Deng
Sea Dogs by Willow Onken
Shero by Sarah Zimmerman
Street Cats by Iuli Dia
Take Out by gjok dusi
The Good Place – “A Whole New World” by Michele Dahl
The L.A Diet by Nicole Coulon
The Worst Idea by Shane Harmon

Television: One Hour Script

American Easy by Judd Schlossberg
Another Life by Kay Metchie
Code.7390 by John Gilligan
Creator Code by Michael Raymond
District 1 by Scott Miller
Forty Elephants by Emily Aspland
Found by Jeremy Christensen
Go Ask Alice by JoAnn Hess
Illyria by Brian LaPerche
Infinity Man by Taishon Black
Jacqueline/Hyde by Matt Bryan
Ladylove by Vanessa Leigh
Magic Hour by Ben Scott
Nathan by Sarah Penrose
Nova: First Flight by rachel fischer
Professional Wingman by Tom Tanno
Relative-tivity by Jeffrey Kazanjian
Star Quest by Natasha Markou
The Bliss Killer by LeLe Park
The Troubles by Tom Kavanaugh
Under The Influence by Alyssa Biller