2014 Finalists

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the second round, every script is read by several judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round and become Finalists. The scripts listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Finalist make me?”  This year, the Finalists represent the top 25% of entries that we receive.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!


Across The Divide – Dennis O’Flyng
Adrift – Tom Franey
An Appropriate Degree of Vehemence – Krystyna Łoboda
And Death Shall Have No Dominion – Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Armada – Dimitri Neos
Azazel – Tim Ehly
Blood Creek – Kyle Francis
Bre’gan’s Fist – Tom Emerick
Breaking Enigma – Paul Wonnacott
Conflict – Stephanie Shute
Conquest – Casey Herndon
Critical Dimensions – Csaba Mihaly
Curse of Darkness – Michael Douglas
Darklands – Paul Sheridan
Diamonds And Dreams – Paul Michaels
Final Gambit – JoAnn Hess
GP1 Clones – Ren Kolb
Hail Mary – Jeffrey
Hangover Man – Nick Roth
Hellbender – Dan Sullivan
Mega Tsunami – David Tenenbaum
Miracle Workers – Chris Gross
MotherShip – Roi Costa
My Turn – M. David Shapiro
Operation Stormy Weather – Martin Bernard Foley
Point of Reception – Joseph A. Elliott
Purgatory Trail – Tom West
Quest for Liberty – Part 1 (The American Revolution) – Hylton Phillips-Page
Replica – Sharon Moore
Satan Takes An Apprentice – Paul Michaels
Setting Square – Neil Chase
Shadow Cell – Cody Glenn
Shift – Chris Mundy
SPY – Kyle Francis
Stillwater – Christopher Schultz
Submission – Bruce Rose
Tears for Icarus – Tonya J. Roberts
That Damnable Bull – Anthony Cirone & Harold Schmidt
The Alpha Transmission – Craig Clyde
The Capitulation of California – David M. Lovret
The Eagle & The Dragon – Doug Peake
The Fallen – Michael Douglas
The Last Adventure Of Shay Blaze – Howard Fridkin
The Nautilus – James Sachs
The Snakeman – Jeffrey Ryback
The Sword and The Flower – Michael Douglas
The Third Bomb – Phillip Parker
The Witch’s Hand – Wendy Joseph
Waled – Teju Prasad
Wilder – Jim Brown

A Sketch of Monterey – Solofua Saleapaga & Valasi Sophronia Papp
Ace Swann – Tom Austin
Allan The Dog – Steve Wright & Barry Murphy
Baby Boomers – Nick Walker
Birth Control – Erica Warnock
Boyfriend Material – Howard Rayner
Burn Alone – Tom Nolan
Cheap Knock Off – Jay Lien
Cleaning Up – Kathryn Radmall
Conventional – Steve Sova
Damn 18th Amendment – Alex Walker
Derek Dickens & The Dream – Phil Valentine
Disengaged – Richard Amberg
Eveln and Eddie – Gary Wallach
Frank’s Dilemma – Sinclair Rankin
GOAT – Jordan Rane
Grass Monkeys – Matt Wildash
If I Fell – Roger Aylward
Insufficient Funds – Mitch Emoff
It Ain’t Me Babe – bradley kesden
Just Three Things – Dorian Palumbo
Ladies In Black – Erica Warnock
Locations – Michael McClendon
Murder Me – David H. Luz
No Parking Anytime – Peter Panagos & Joseph Pupello
Off With Their Heads! – M.C. Selfridge
Outside Inn – Richard Eschenroeder
P – Georgette Long
Past Due – Rich Latif
Puerto Rican Pair-A-Dice – Mitch Emoff
Sink Or Swim – Keith Justin Strausbaugh
Somewhere South Dakota – Theresa Giese
Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To Kill You – Chris J. Simpson & Sherry McGuinn
The Boy Who Had Three Arms – Christian J. Hearn
The Bride Hesitates – Michael Latshaw
The Monster of Perfect, California – Paul Sheridan
The Mover – Michael Quintero
You Have No Idea – Owen Monaghan

A Fading Finish Line – Matthew Tolbert
A Perfect Plan – Chuck Monzo
A Son of Maine – Ian Sax
A Walk with Love and Death – Rebecca Grace & John Gray
Abu Salim – Mathew Grodsky
All There Is – Mathew Grodsky
American Ridge – Carl B. Clark
April, Mei, and June – Paul Shiban
Bastard – Tony Schweikle
Becoming Ben Cross – Armando Rodriguez
Behind the Glass – Steven Fait
Boy With The Dancing Eyes – Ron Iannone & Ralph Brem
Civilized – Lee Fruechtenicht
Cole Lonely – Darryl Vinyard
Defense of Another – Joan Broadman
Exigence – Jason Reeves
Godspeed – Jeffrey David EckJeffrey David Eck
Grace – Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
Heidegger in Ruins – Jeffrey van Davis
I Am Champion – Mark William Moore
In The Rays Of The Sun – Ann Johnston Storm
Jacob’s Ocean – Jan D. Evans
Kalina – Greg Easter
Little Drummer Girl – Jess Grant
Lullaby – Lilia Doytchinova & Amber Dupre
Mikado Tarence Gibson & Walter F. Bauer
Mission Scheherazade – Gary Wallach
One Eye Charley – Sandor Stern
Operation No Moore (Pics) – Michael Esser
Pipeline – Jody Ellis
Rage of St. Francis – Rachel Rebecca Roy & David Phoenix
Red Rubber – Don Day & Michael Fischa
Screaming My Heart Out – Janyce Lapore
Secesh Days – William Barney
Secrets – Tracey Keefer
Shine Your Eyes – Clint Pearson
Shooting Star – Richard Harrison
Sole Captain – Wernher Ovalle
The Boat – Robert Wooldridge Jr.
The Book of Life – Peter Groth
The Final Witness – Mathew Grodsky
The Fourth Night – Mike Briock
The Girls Who Fought – Tim Davis
The Milk Route – Michael Begg
The Ones You Choose – Michelle Palmer
The Saint of Denmark Falls – Alan W. Porter
To Sharpen a Thorn – Clint Pearson & Patricia Benzon
Turning Tricks – Alan Moskowitz
Uncontrolled Skid – Jerome Leclere
Where I’m Going, You Can’t Follow – Elizabeth Morrison
You Are Cheyenne – Jan D. Evans
You Are The Last – – Elizabeth Fratangelo

A Dog And His Boy – Larry Brothers
Abandoned – Joan Broadman
Change of Venue (The Condition) – Charles Laulette
Chippies – Patrick J. Gamble & Patrick K. Gamble
Claws, Paws and a Blue Macaw – Theresa Giese
FlutterFly – Natalie Robison Hejny
Footsteps Of My Father – Erik V. Wolter
Frozen Summer – Oktay Ege Kozak
Goodbye, Kid. Hurry Back – Terri Kauffman
Goosed – Patrick Bosold
LEAP – Christopher Helton
Little Shy: The Elizabeth Blackwell Story – Barbara Shaw
Mia and the Movie Star – Sheri Davenport
Naughty or Nice – JoAnn Hess
Neptune’s Empire – Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Spaghetti Western – James Kanady & Kenneth D. Collins
Squeezing Grandma – Harris Brandt
Stages – Ron Podell
Thalatta Mountain – Eric Betts
The Puppy Cure – Michael Compton & Sherry Compton
The Secret of Ebbets Field – Richard Seidman
Unicorn Diaries – Danielle Romano
Wheelin’ – Tracy Eccles
White Water Rescue – Harold Brown
World Cup Mouse – Richard Seidman
Year Of The Snake – Kathryn Kyker

A Rat In The Desert – Chris Rakotomamonjy
A Risk of Exposure – Pamela Hunt
A Thousand Times Goodnight – Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Another Man’s Son – Joseph Ramunni
Asylum – Michael Strode & Eric Wostenberg
Auntie – Deirdre Patterson
Babylon Sisters – T. Scott Murphy
Blind Spot – Graham Parke
Broken – Christopher Michael
Chasing Dakota – Paul Littell
Clutter – Mark Lindberg
Conflict – Stephanie Shute
Contorted Hazel – Marc de Launay
Dance of the Blessed Spirits – Matt Pacini
Dead Man’s Eyes – John Crews
Dead Seas – Joseph Parisi
Deadly Invisible Enemies Miniseries – Harold Brown
Dream Police – Michael Raymond
Exit 290 – C M Webb
Experimental – Kim Kopf & Jeremy L. Morrison
Flipped – Anthony Mezza & Melanie Scroble
ForGet HiM – Michael McClafferty
Friday Night Frenzy – Richard Stringham
Hera’s Demon – Tom Streich
Hidden – Shiva Ramanathan
Hunters of the Full Moon – Lyle LaRochelle
I’m Still Here – Sean Elwood
Lust For Blood, Lust For Death – Chris Fay
Night Travelers – Ronald Wilson
One of Me – Kenneth M. Kielty
Overkill – Christian J. Hearn
Overlook – Corey Swim
Red Sea – Paul Sheridan
Sardis the Merciful – Christian Thomas
Satan Takes An Apprentice – Paul Michaels
SOMA – Jonathan Protass
Tags – Robert Christian Frostholm
The Devil’s Larceny – Howard Fridkin
The Mysteries – Mark Farnsworth
The School – Storm Ashwood & Tessa Little
The Seed – Anthony Mezza
Torched – Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Trick Of The Light – Kenneth Shaw
Walter, Deplumed – Mario G. Lopez
Wayfaring Stranger – Stephen McLean
West Of Dead – Graham Clegg