2013 Finalists

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the first round, every script is read by several judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the third round, or the Final Round. The scripts listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Finalist make me?”  This year, the Finalists represent the top 25% of entries that we receive.  Yes, we received so many entries this year that the judges agreed to let more scripts into the second round.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2013 Finalists

A Spring in Burgundie – Reo Houston Maynard III
Abroad – Patrick Parr
Across The Divide – Dennis O’Flyng
Alternate History – Richard Nitchman
And Death Shall Have No Dominion – Sandy Corkins-Schmidt
Borderline – Charles Leinenweber
Code War – Brian Elles
Colt Dakota Versus The Commie Death Ray – Jay Goldwasser
Dark Age – Andrew Kightlinger & Jake Miller
Days of Vengeance – Peter Groth
Discovered Attack – Brian Oberdick
Gates – Gregory Luckett
Inborn Desire – Brian Sherwin
Joining Up – John McGuire
Nevada V-I – Simon King
Nimrod – Mark Parker
Operation Longbow – James B. Jackson
POE – Sayo Kashima
Precious Vengeance – Stephen M. Hunt
Sword of Avalon – R. Lee Brown
Takedown – D.G. Stone
The Assassin Awaits – John McGuire
The Jade Orchid – Eddy Barrows
The Last Pendragon – Elliott O. Patzkowsky
The Monster Hunter’s Code – Ryan Brannan Doyle
The Oracle – Sophia Eptamenitis
The P.I. – David Harvey
The Swordbearer Pt.3: The Gods of Carnage – Tim Morell
Ukrainian Uprising – Ryan Levy
War of Souls – Dameon D. Pichetrungsi
Webolution – Kyle Bostian
Zero Day – Simon Birkenhead

4-20 – Kerry Cox
6 A.M., High Noon – B. Brisbane
99 Fake Street – Gordon Rayfield
A Christmas Break – Keith Justin Strausbaugh
American Buddha – Andrew Quinn
Average – Wendy Wilkins
Better Ask Esther Chow – Christopher Boyce
Bonding In Brooklyn – George Rubino
Bros v. Hoes – David F.M. Vaughn & Joe McClean
Cajun GumbeauXXX – James B. Jackson
Colt Dakota Versus The Commie Death Ray – Jay Goldwasser
Danny Boy – Z Stein
Desperately Seeking Madonna – Joshua Koffman
Elephant Girl – William J. Seaton
F.I.B.S. Fracas in Bacon Springs – Mike Prangley
Father, Son & Holy Moses! – Mitch Emoff
Game Crush – Hamilton Mitchell
Giacomo Bondamente: The World’s Greatest Hero – Jim Corona
Got It Bad – Kirk Vanderbeek
How I Misspent my Summer Vacation – Mark Perlick
LaundryZen – James J. Cullinane
Love & Kickball – Tom Kavanaugh
Love Interrupted – Brian Olson
Machina – Tom Radovich
My Cat Has Depression – John Dugan Barrett
My Pet Zombie – Stephen Preston Daniels
Nate Of America – Robert Wooldridge
Newton’s Laws of Emotion – Eugene Ramos
NP Noir – Alex David
One More Round – Brian Oberdick
Oreo. Then, Hello. – Clayton Carson
Pete Clancy’s Happy Ending – Kevin Sullivan
Planet Tombstone – Benjamin Jones TX
Platinum Pinecones – Matt Hoyt
Probation – Rick Mallars & Tom Karpow
Quiet The Riot – Erik Linthorst
Romeo vs. Juliet – Sharath Chandra
Spitting Image – Andrew Smith
The Baby Pool – Michelle Muldoon
The Flight of the Golden Goose – B. Brisbane
The Galaxy’s Tiniest Prince – Joe Borriello
The Gurgitator – David Klein
The Last Semester – Richard Amberg
The Midwife Massacre and Other Brooklyn Love Stories – Scott Ruane
The Mistake – Diana Gliedman
The Pascagoula Run – Jason B. Williams
The Sexual Revolution – Martin Zitter
The Way Of The Dodo – Dennis Goza
The Worst Man – Doug Mercer & Scott Blaker
Too True To Be Good – Evan Laughlin
Two Peese in a Pad – Tom Christopher
Unhooking – Scott A. Aiman
USA – Bob Canning
Wait For It – Jesse Wine & Karen Yin
Will U Marry Me? – Mark Mazzenga
Wingmen – Elliot Loewenstein

Adrift and Alone – J. Eric Boyce
All The Gold In Nevada – Ronald L. Ecker
Arc of Angels – Manny Rey
Before Banksy – David Meckler
Bleeding Heart – Leah Benavides
Blood Privilege – Don Fried
Bums Go West – Richard Embardo & Jeffrey B. Hartmann
California Sky Blue – Matthew Fritscher
Cow Town – Richard Amberg
Crossings – Fred Perry
dandilion.com – Robyn Green
Family Tides – Cathy Freericks
Footprints in the Clouds – Carla Robinson
Four Days In May – Beth Shaughnessy
Ghosting Ollie – Jeremy Saul Taylor
Grace – Doris B. Gill
I Met Her at Birkenau – Laurie Clemens
Instrumental: 47 – Andy Wong
Meeting the Shadow – Peter Robinson
Mona & I – Rogerio Correa
Morning Calm – Desmond Webster
Mourning Glory – Inga Cadranel
Never Speak My Name – Stampp Corbin & Allen & Walter Meyer
Obscurity – Paolo Taddei
Playing By Ear – Kyle Bostian
Railroad Girl – Lynn Mills & Briana London
Redemption – Damon Borrelli & Sean Griffith
Religion of Luck – Janyce Lapore
Rosa – William Koar
Sex, Drugs & Spiritual Enlightenment – Kyle Bostian
South West Nine – Richard Brown
The Acadian – David Vincent
The Book of Life – Peter Groth
The Cuban Queen Bordello – Peggy Hicks
The Day Tyler’s World Stood Still – Robert Bennett
The Forsaken and the Damned – Elizabeth Spear
The Fortress – Janet Ritz
The Last Bullet – Hillary Giner-Sorolla
The Legend of Manoppello – Fabrizio Napoleone
The Prelude – M.C. Selfridge
The Red Road – Mathieu Saliva
The Secret Life of Vincent – James Valko
The Tailors of Danzig – Jim Duncanson & David Bonner
Throne of Lies – Karla Bustillos
Wings Of Freedom – Greg Mitchell & Michael Berlin
Without Consent – Roberta Rovner Pieczenik

2nd Grade Forever – Mark Elliott
A Certain Charm – Betty Ellington-Smith
All that Glitters… – Michael E. Bierman
Alone Like This – Bob McAndrew
American Eagles – Karen Davies
Artie Filbert is Comin’ to Town! – Ted Collins & David Mickel
Baby Fever – Ourdia Hodge
Benjamin the Great – Scott Ruane
Chippies – Patrick J. Gamble & Patrick K. Gamble
Darby Pretty And The Lost Treasure – DC Sayre
Domestic Spy – BL Lithgow
Eubie – Bonnie Seltzer
F.I.B.S. Fracas in Bacon Springs – Mike Prangley
Fairies of Lotschental – Michael Grunke
Happenchance – Paula Sewell
Le Chat Noir – Paula Sewell
Leader Of The Pack – Bruce Rose
Moving Mrs. Newman – Michael DiBugnara
My Grandmother Wears Cowboy Boots – Marguerite Langstaff
PEEFI FIFI – George Sanders & Shawn Curran
Teddy – Irfan Alam & Tristan Reed
The Christmas Cave – David R. Beshears
The Invisible Kid And Dr. Poof’s Magic Soap – Terry Baltz & Wayne Baltz
The Princess and the Goblin – Michael O’Rourke
The Rose Tree – Angela Berliner
The Secret of Gidon – Elizabeth Spear & Debbie Majinska
Todd McCoy’s Adventure West – Stuart Land
Treasure – Diane Dowsing Robison
Twelves’ Steps to Liberty – Charles Laulette
WHIPPOORWILLS – Betty Ellington-Smith
Your Planet Or Mine? – Richard Hohenrath

A Double Life – Grayson Chaney
Anastasia’s Pyramid – Carlos Burgaleta
Balakhistan – Don Fried
Battle Drone Stella Star – Sylvain Doucet
Before The Storm – Robby Pitts
Bestseller – Ross Van Leeve
Bloody Mary – Emily Felt
Bound – Tracey Keefer
Brood – Sandra Lee Slotboom
Can’t Get Enough – Deborah Isom
Code War – Brian Elles
Criminally Insane – Rachel Macaulay
Darkness Before Dawn – Nick Gambino
Half Dead – Jesse Wine
Haze – Marc Masciandaro
Hell Week – Joseph Parisi
Incident At Twin Pines – Miles Ledoux
Jacob’s Attic – Ryan Widner
Mythomania – Howard Fridkin & Tom McCurrie
Nano – Piotr Ryczko
Precious One – Brett Hale
Psycho Therapy – Matthew Goldenberg
Spooks – Danny Nowlin
Sufferance – James J. G. Edwards
The Fence – Nicholas Tolkien & Anne Steinberg
The Mall – Lauren Peterson
The Man in the Middle of the Desert – Greg Sisco
The Other Girl – Sandra Lee Slotboom
The Patron Saint – Blake C. Kuehn
The Roommate – Rob Tyler
The Tapestry – Steven Prowse
The Waiter – Grayson Chaney
The Woodcutter – Mark Robertson
Time and Again – Stuart Creque
Turning The Tables – Kirk Skinner
White Death – Paul Corricelli
Zero Day – Simon Birkenhead