2009 Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2009 competition.  We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2009 Winners:


Grand Prize

Twilight of the Titans – Kyle Hagene

Honorable Mention

Absalom: a tale of the Civil War – J. Charles Zeller

Imminent Threat – Ron Fangio & Enza Fangio

The Souls of Atlantis – Mark Perlick

Time Wreck – Larry Whatcott


Grand Prize

Head Trip – Craig Phillips

Honorable Mention

Death Tax – Mike McGeever

Wedding Knight – Stephen Hoover

Sam’s Story – Robert Keith Watson

KHDZ – David R. Beshears


Grand Prize

Rarities – Dana Michaels

Honorable Mention

I’ll Wear The Crown – Mark Brewton

The Great Quest – Steve Weissman

Abilene – Michael Raymond`

Only The Devil Knows – Kathleen M. Mullin

Summer Soldier – Robert Repino


Grand Prize

Pete and Petey – Thomas Christie

Honorable Mention

Ms. Wreck’s Passion – Bradford Willis & Anne Dunkin

Dog Days – Eric Carlson

Fairies Landing – Cheryl Miller

Miss Christmas – John Barlowe & Irin Evers


Grand Prize

Unmitigated Violence – Owen Douglas

Honorable Mention

Mad Urges – Per Mühlow

Seeing Red – Sarah Turi Boshear

The Changeling of Kilhaven – Michael Strode

Ding Dong Ditch – Erin Donovan