2006 Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2006 competition.  We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2006 Winners:


Grand Prize

Gregory Luckett — Alpha Hunter

Honorable Mentions

Jerry Decker — Black Leather Jackets

Janis DeMoor — Red Sky Morning

Tyler Burns — Renegade Chaps

Michael J. Casey — The Peculiar Adventure of an Honorable Scoundrel

Jeremy Wilmarth — Downforce

Todd Ludy — Sentinels


Grand Prize

Dave Vaughan — A Task of Draculian Proportions

Honorable Mentions

Gregory Lane — A Snowball’s Chance in Hell

Tyler Burns — Renegade Chaps

Robert S. Fogel — Time Will Tell

Mark Litton — Fresh Blood

Monika Moreno — Left At Albuquerque

Jeffrey Miller — Square


Grand Prize

Linda Riley — Inequality

Honorable Mentions

Andrew Kaplan — A Party of One

Glen Treilhard — Golgotha

Hilliard Guess — Rebel Yell

David Lieberman & Aimee Lamb — soft shoe finale

Arleigh Winter — The Door To Hades

Susan Klos — Voices


Grand Prize

Kendra Pritchard — The Busy Kids

Honorable Mentions

Jeffrey Miller — Robbie Crane

Kathryn Pratt-Rogers — His & Hers

Deborah Baxtrom — Imps

Mark Saunders — Two Weeks in Roswell

John Cunningham — Rocket

Chuck Duffie — The Birth of Men


Grand Prize

Christian Knigge — The Serial Killer Killer

Honorable Mentions

Per Mühlow & Anders Rasmusson — Tight

Alfred Vaynshteyn — Beyond Conviction

James T. Frazier — Blue Ground

Bryan Carrigan — Lost Souls

Lis Anna — Stuck in the Middle

Jeff Beres — Acid Test