Insights from Screenplay Festival’s Coordinator

Screenplay Festival’s very own Rick Reynolds is featured on a podcast! If you ever wanted to hear insights about the inner workings of our contest, now is your chance. (Please note: Rick is our Festival Coordinator and NOT A JUDGE. He manages the judging process, but is not selecting our winners.)

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Here is  the low-down on the podcast:


In this episode, Hilliard interviews Rick Reynold’s, co-founder of Screenplay Festival, one of the longest running screenplay competitions in the U.S. Get ready, ‘cuz Rick gives writers a ton of game to help stand out and win!

At his side as usual:Co-host and award-winning Sci-fi/Horror writer and author, Lisa Bolekaja.

EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Why Rick started the competition, how it works and why writers should submit, getting on the Industry List, the facts/politics behind competitions, 100 Screenplays Competition, Investing in your career, promoting after you win, what’s next for Screenplay Festival and so much more!

Our motto, “Keep it street, keep it opinionated and keep it what? 100!”

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