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2016 Semi-Finalists

Posted on Feb 17, 2017

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the first round, every script is read by at least two judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round, or the Semi-Final Round. The scripts listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Semi-Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Semi-Finalist make me?”  This year, the Semi-Finalists represent the top 50% of entries that we receive.  Yes, we received so many entries this year that the judges agreed to let more scripts into the second round.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!


Movie Script – Action / Adventure
Amonyr – Brian Keppy
BLOOD RUNS RED – James Gilbertsen
Blood Trigger – Ron Podell
Bobby’s Playhouse – Mark Perlick
FINDING HITLER – ron mancini
Harlan Flynn and The Final Flight of Mao’s Ark – Adrian C Catarzi
Hellscaper. Part 1 – Eugene Eugene
Humanity: Devolved – Greyson Ferguson
Justice For All – Randy Thompson
Keep It Coming – Kenneth Dickson
LINK – Debra Karr
LOST CAUSE – David Schroeder
Mamoribito – The One Who Protects – Kevin A Reynolds
Project Phoenix: The Awakening (Golden Revision) – Edgardo Jimenez
RUN AND GUN – Cody Glenn
Slaves to the Rhythm – Terry Connell
Taconite – Jonathan Fear
Tectum – Raed Assar
The Agency – Nikki Ackerman
The Art of War – The Scarecrow Army – Dan Casey
The Benjamin Walker Society – Leigh Hunt
The Clever Girl – David Caarren
The Heretics – Neil Looker
The Last Indian War – Michael Graf
The Last Vikings – David Thorndill
Venor – Matt Nye
Vision Quest – david young
Weapon of Justice – Michael Neyland

Movie Script – Comedy
Bare Essentials – Steven W. Johnson
BIGFOOT! A True Story…Maybe – Steve Hide
Chubby Chasers – Michael Dugan
Desperate Dreams – Mark Perlick
Dick Sloan – Fredric Collins
Guy On Train – Bruce Booker
Harm for the Holidays – Jonathan LaPoma
Jacob’s Jewels – Richard Geiwitz
L.A.R.P. Life – Mark Hertzler
LOVEBAND – Nicola Pedrozzi
Music Row – Ronald Ecker
Not Exactly Legal – Angela MacMillan
On the Sidelines – Sam Greisman
Past Dues – Daniel Pellikan
Potheads – Naim David
SMART MARGE – Steve Biggs
Speak English – Kieran Angelini
STEP-MILF – Hamilton Mitchell
THE BIG IDEA – David Schroeder
The Black Forest Ham – matt heinze
The Ebernickle Ordinance – Carl B Clark
Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly – Richard Geiwitz
Unhooking – Scott Aiman

Movie Script – Drama
#FortyFIve – dorothy grunes
2-12-Delta – David Brichetto
40 Millimeter – Steve Hochman
A Ribbon in the Wind – Louis Dalton
BEFORE BANKSY – David Meckler
Being Brave – Johna Walsh
Blood Brothers – Matthew Elam
Brave Hearts (previously titled “GRACE”) – Lynda Lemberg
Citrus – Nick Ferro
Clear Blue Sky – Michael Brazda
Defend Her – Dean Qureshi
Domestic Damages – Synthia Williams
Exile – Matthew Miller
Fear – Peter Jang
HALFWAY HOME – David Schroeder
HENRY DAVID – Wayne Baltz
HomeGrown – Dean Qureshi
Hunters Pointe – SCOTT LIAPIS
In Plain Sight – Erik Menches
Isabella’s Touch – Diane Coates
Lucky Boy – Suzanne Roche
MAN ON THE MOON – Michael Esser
Many Reasons Not To – Neil Merrell
MENAGERIE – Dian Mitchell
Out of the Loop – Kenny Rich
Paradise at Main and Elm – Barry Brennessel
People Make Plans – Sheri Smith
Rainstorm Lullaby – Greg Easter
Shattered (Feature) – pamela guest
Sideways Down the Sky – Barry Brennessel
Snow White in Tanzania – valery krupnik
Solomon’s Choice – Richard Geiwitz
Taking Down The Met – Andrea Forrest
The Aerialists – Adrian C Catarzi
The Book of Life – Peter Groth
The Experiment – Lynda Lemberg
The Last Run – robert berg
The Lean – Pearse Lehane
The Legend of Cupid & Psyche – Aug – Timothy Melkus
The Princess Club – Michael Yahn
The Sensitive – Larry Woldenberg
The Tattooist – Heather Morris
Verity – Richard Spencer
Victor – Esther Farin
Voices – Susan Klos
Voodoo Love – Mario Pineda
Walk In – Mehrdad Goudarzi
Who is Molly Steele? – Romeo Ciolfi
WORLD IN FLAMES – Ramunas Abukevicius

Movie Script – Family
BOOMER (an ocean story) – richard herzog
E-mails From Heaven – Carissa Steefel
Grounded – Dionne Knapp
My Monster – David Caarren
PIPPA’S SONG – Diana Mitchell
SHALIMAR – Maria Soriano
Tat and the virus – Polina Zinoviev
The Moonbeam Fisherman (WITH ID) – John Dummer
Tweet – Victoria Morris
Wishful Thinking – Alex Klein

Movie Script – Thriller/Horror
A Touch of Fire – Dean Qureshi
As the Angels Give – Daniel Seiler
Blind Pursuit – debi yazbeck
Bullets & Teeth – Nikola Jajic
Burned – Zig Bingham
Cold Image – Ian Keiser
Dead Seas – Joseph Parisi
Dhampira – Eduardo Soto-Falcon
DIVYANA – vanna hong
Do You Still Want It? – Marshall Smith
Everybody Dies – Teresa Beresford
Hollow – Hunter Swanson
Just Execution – Jonty Willment-knowles
Log – Alison Parker
Lust For Blood, Lust For Death – Chris Fay
M – Demon Killer – Mark Hammond
Meat Me – Shyla Shank
Never Alone – Maja Vidrac
Pause – Tom Harrison
Snow Angel – Jax Logan
The Doodler – Bryan William Randal
The Gloom – James Oliva
The Kindred – Christian Hearn
The Lazarus Effect – Graham Parke
THE REWINDING – Edward Rosenthal
THE SANDBOX – math saliva
Xerxes – Shane Logue

TV Script – Half Hour
*Don’t Expect a Novel – Susan Leibowitz
A Dog Named Squatch – Adam Pearson
Black-ISH – “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” – Chris Moore
Coming of Age 101 – Quinn Caton
COOLER HEADS: Pilot – Dave Chan
Deli Takeout (Pilot Episode of Brooklyn Deli) – Jim Norman
FAMILY GUY: What The Phuc?! – Dave Chan
Long Island Lights (Written Pilot) – AJ Scordio
M.I.L.F.S – Tamara Herman
Mom: Leather Chaps and a Late Night Video – Kristy Thomas
Partly Claudia – Pilot – Manny Rey
Peeling the Mellon – James Bloom
Rick and Morty Spec. — The Rickety Wrecked-Over – Matt Feldman
Sketchy – Stephen McNamee
STEPPING IN IT – Brian Jude Leahy
The Big Bang Theory – ‘The Sticky Lingerie Mystery’ – Hamilton Mitchell
THE LAST TEN POUNDS (Sizzle) – David Klein Klein
The Syndicate – Peter Jang
Tina’s Seceret – Gloria Williams

TV Script – One Hour
Alexander The Pretty Good – Stephen McNamee
Boxcar Canyon – Arthur Grubert
Corners – Arthur Grubert
FINDING HOME – Jean Buschmann
Frontier – Vince Peagler III
G.M.O. – Matt Campagna
Inside Out – Lisa Jones
MOB CHICK/TV SPEC – Theodore Soderberg
NEVERLAND – Michael Stagliano
Pandorium – Graham Parke
Persuasion – Susan Hippen
SHADOW CELL – Cody Glenn
Sideline – Kristy Thomas
Station 96: Welcome to Welaira – Katherine Hudgens
Sweetpickles’ Rattlesnake Rodeo episode 1: WALLY – Mark Flake
Teddy – Steve Hochman
The All American – Sean Hoggs
The Case of the Tattooed Redhead (Pilot Episode of Las Vegas Is Murder) – Jim Norman
The Cherry Room (with personal info) – Christine Stevens DeLorenzo
The Gifted, Episode 1: “The Calling” – Barry Brennessel
The Godson – Gary Koeppel
The Richest Man Alive – Patrick Daly
Winding Road – Dean Qureshi

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2015 Movie & TV Winners

2015 Movie & TV Winners

Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Today we announce the Winners for the Movie and Television Categories of Screenplay Festival 2015.

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. During the first round, each judge grades the scripts on a scale from 1 to 10 and then the grades are tallied to see which scripts continue to the next round. Judges are not assigned to specific categories or genres to prevent one judge’s bias from affecting the results in a particular category. In the second round, the top scripts in each category are read by all the judges who missed them in the first round, again being given a 1 to 10 grade. At the end of the second round, the grades are calculated and the judges have shouting matches until the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention Winners are decided.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2015 Winners

Movie – Action/Adventure

Grand Prize Winner
Unsolved – Taylor Shadley

Honorable Mention:
Ballerina Girl – Evan Cooper
Freelance – J.P. Walsh
Fremantle – Karen Mallia
SkyBurner – David Baugnon
The Book of Revenge – David Miller

Movie – Comedy:

Grand Prize Winner
Running Blind – John T. Frederick

Honorable Mention
Murder Included – James Oliver
The Alien’s Puppets – Rubens Marinelli & Matheus Hruschka
The Big Sheep – Frank Gaydos & Mark Saunders
We Regret to Inform You – David Miller
Winners Never Fly Solo – Steven Thadeus

Movie – Drama:

Grand Prize Winner
For Love of Country – Ron Basso

Honorable Mention
Dietrich Danzig – John Pisano-Thomsen
Small Steps – Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus
The Boat – Robert Wooldridge
The Cellist of Sarajevo – David Becker
Torn – Bruce Rose

Movie – Family

Grand Prize Winner
The Giving Spirit – Linda Bocci

Honorable Mention
3D At The Palace – Kent Wilson
E-DEN – Mark Robertson
Live, From The Milky Way – Joe Borriello
The Girl In The Big Green Coat – Gerald Berns

Movie – Thriller/Horror

Grand Prize Winner: 
Blood Fear – Keith Phillips

Honorable Mention
Ballerina Girl – Evan Cooper
Darkness on the Edge of Town – Joseph Horning
Inked In Blood – Paul Corricelli
Seven Days – Bruce Rose
Unconscionable – Howard Fridkin

Television – Half Hour Pilot

Grand Prize Winner
Helicopter Parent – Lucia Jones

Honorable Mention
Cumming of Age – Karina de Allicon
Duke Of Rainbow Cove – Charlie Schulman
Gavin Hardy – C.M. Robinson

Television – Half Hour Spec

Grand Prize Winner
Broad City: “Star Floors” – Chis Lamm

Honorable Mention
2 Broke Girls – “And the Dino” – David Minaskanian
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – “Frank’s Twin” – Evan Baughfman
The Big Bang Theory – “The Memory Game” – Debra Johnson
Younger – “You’re The New Me” – David Chester & Kimberly Tierney

Television – One Hour Pilot

Grand Prize Winner
Trine – Kris Lippert

Honorable Mention
Consequences – Robert Christian Frostholm
Doktor Freud – Nic Torre
Made in the USA – Michael Flores
Seven Kings – Michael Esser
The Cage – Chris Hutton

Television – One Hour Spec

Grand Prize Winner
Empire: “Walk Into Light” – Jamie Henry

Honorable Mention
Castle: “Just One More Thing” – John Portilla
Criminal Minds – “Color Blind” – Kristy Thomas
Doctor Who – “The Doctor and the Cook” – Alberto Corral
Lilyhammer – “Bring Jerry Home” – Debi Yazbeck
The Americans – “Revolution and Resolution” – Addison Bhuyan

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