2017 Winners

Congratulations to the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival!

Reading, judging, and ranking scripts is a very difficult and long process. The scripts listed below made it through to the end and we applaud their great work.

Grand Prize Winners

Movie Script – Action / Adventure:   Breakout To Mexico – David Kurtz
Movie Script – Comedy:   Table For Four – Jim Norman
Movie Script – Drama:   Before We Begin – Andrea Mason
Movie Script – Thriller / Horror:   Treacherous – Ethan Williams
Television Script – Half Hour:   Under the Influence – Louis Tripodes & Tom Tripodes
Television Script – One Hour:   Flying Backwards – Elizabeth Gonshor

Honorable Mention Winners

Movie Script – Action / Adventure:  

Black Jack – Stephen Curran
Bliss – Preston Jones
Nauti Girls – Linda Toussaint
S.E.R.E. – Shadow Uprising – Tom Costabile
The Brothers Fury – Dane McCauley

Movie Script – Comedy:  

Black Friday – Alex Pickens
The Boning, an almost broad comedy – Hamilton Mitchell
The Gangs of Minnesota – Mark Perlick
Things To Do Before Leaving – James Byrne

Movie Script – Drama:  

Clash Of Iron – Richard Reed
Squid Jiggers – Judi Blaze
The Doctor Will See You Now. – rory waltzer
The Red Shoes – Tina Love

Movie Script – Thriller / Horror:

Stateside – Brett Scieszka
The bones of Mary Elwes – Ron Mitchell
We Became Ghosts – Daniel Stine
Zero Tolerance – Robert Dorian

Television Script – Half Hour:  

Angie Tribeca: TriSpeca – Alex Klein
Family Guy: Roger That – Shaina Wottitz
Isabelle’s Starting To Happen – Paul Haddad
Wingdad – Eric Weber

Television Script – One Hour:  

Dark Horizons – Carlo Carere & Erin Carere
Insurrection – Simon Bowler
Stranger Things: f7/f2 – Ana Loes
What Darkness Brings – Ross Denyer