2015 Movie & TV Finalists

Today we announce the Finalists for the Movie and Television Categories of Screenplay Festival 2015.

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the first round, every script is read by at least two judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round, or the Semi-Final Round. The scripts listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Semi-Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Semi-Finalist make me?”  This year, the Finalists represent the top 25% of entries that we receive.  Yes, we received so many entries this year that the judges agreed to let more scripts into the second round.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!


Movie – Action/Adventure:
After Life – Jimmy Moore
Altered Reality – Michael J. Leider
American Gulag – Michael Casey
Ballerina Girl – Evan Cooper
Brain Duster – Guillermo Gomez
Broadway Mob – Terry Herbert
Circumstances of War – Robert John Gardner
CON DOC – James Manion
Cooper’s Promise – Timothy Jay Smith
Crime Extraordinaire – Howard Fridkin
E-DEN – Mark Robertson
Freelance – J.P. Walsh
Fremantle – Karen Mallia
Generation Hero – Robby Pitts
Genesis – Alex Nava
Gold Fever – John Jack McGuire
Jackie’s Girls – Joan Kufrin
Littleworm – John T. Frederick
Live, From The Milky Way – Joe Borriello
Lullabies For Lieutenants – Franklin Cox & David B. Carren
Mink Eyes – Dan Flanigan
Quest For Light – Adventure Of The Magi – Byron Anderson
Rogue – Anthony Mezza
SkyBurner – David Baugnon
Texas Two-Step – Michael Diamond
The Blood Reign – Nicholas Velez
The Book of Revenge – David Miller
The Devil’s Gun – James Christopher
The Fourth Wall – Brooke Smith
The Journey – Thandi Lubimbi
The Last Adventure Of Shay Glaze – Howard Fridkin
The Trung Sisters – Nathan Price
Two Preachers – One Bible – Arwood Garrett
Unsolved – Taylor Shadley

Movie – Comedy:
A Bodyguard of Lies – Stefano Bozzo
Bad Dads – Frank Gaydos & Mark Saunders
Bogus Family Vacation – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
By Reason of Insanity – Jude Kostas
California Slim – Lee Fruechtenicht
Evelyn and Eddi – Gary Wallach
Grandma’s Last Ride – Randy Thompson
Holy Mackerel – Glenda Ganis
Inspired – David Lawrence (Lynch)
Live and Let Buy – Kevin Dembinsky & Liz Lux
Murder Included – James Oliver UK
Orange County Outlaws – Mark Perlick
Renaissance Man – Robert Tolz
Running Blind – John T. Frederick
Secret Santa – Maggie Franks
Taking Wah Chung Home – John Jack McGuire
The Alien’s Puppets – Rubens Marinelli & Matheus Hruschka
The Big Sheep – Frank Gaydos & Mark Saunders
The Disciples of Geordy – Keir Nuttall
The Valley Happening – Kage Haigh
The Z Word – Ryan Lee West
We Regret to Inform You – David Miller
Winners Never Fly Solo – Steven Thadeus

Movie – Drama:
3D At The Palace – Kent Wilson
A Cool Strange – Victor Martin
American Gulag – Michael Casey
Born 1900 – Gabriel Ritter
Circumstances of War – Robert John Gardner
Day One – Karina Lange
Dietrich Danzig – John Pisano-Thomsen
Everything Used To Be Better – R. A. Quinn
Eyes Upon Waking – Andy Golub & Jennifer Scott
Feathers – Samantha Tolson
Flatline – Amanda Norman
Flippin’ for Jesus: The Book of Danny Duque – Nathan Price
For Love of Country – Ron Basso
Forgiving Evil – Michael Scherer
HomeGrown – Dean Qureshi
Kitty Hawk – Justin Ross
Life of Bradley – Bill Brock
Lullabies For Lieutenants – Franklin Cox & David B. Carren
Men, Mountains & Promises – Hugh Lewis
Mercy – Glenn Rea
Middle Channel – Michael Elliott
Open – Cade Collum
Operation No Moore – Michael Esser
Red Ivory – Larry Thomas
Sheppard – Simon Clemson
Shine Your Eyes – Clint Pearson
Small Steps – Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus
Soul Mate/Sub – Deirdre Patterson
Sticks and Stones – Jerry Klein
The Boat – Robert Wooldridge
The Book of Life – Peter Groth
The Cellist of Sarajevo – David Becker
The Exile – Gustavo A. Garzon
The Killing Of Kingmustang – Robert Dorian
The Other Half – Garry Kluger
The Physics of Electrical Charges – Roxanne Andorfer
The Solitaire Club – Joan Layne
Torn – Bruce Rose
Winchester 13 – Darlene Inkster
Winners Never Fly Solo – Steven Thadeus

Movie – Family:
3D At The Palace – Kent Wilson
Born To Fly – Joan Broadman
Call Me Luke – David Carren
E-DEN – Mark Robertson
Live, From The Milky Way – Joe Borriello
Marie’s Nutcracker – Alex Templeton
Rally Cap – Michael Raymond
Silent Rescue – Todd Sorrell
Superhero Now – Christopher L. Dockens
The Dark Secret – Denise Buckley
The Girl In The Big Green Coat – Gerald Berns
The Giving Spirit – Linda Bocci
The Three MuskeTEENS – Christopher Plain
The Year of Jubilee – BL Lithgow
True Believers – Alan Clay

Movie – Thriller/Horror:
Evan Cooper Ballerina Girl – Evan Cooper
Betty L. Nye Bay of Promise – Betty L. Nye
Robert Angel Best Served Cold – Robert Angel
Katie Cook Black Ice – Katie Cook
Guillermo Gomez Brain Duster – Guillermo Gomez
Amanda Rose Burn The World: Twins of Chaos – Amanda Rose
Daniel McCurry Close Orbit – Daniel McCurry
Joseph Horning Darkness on the Edge of Town – Joseph Horning
Joseph Parisi Dead Seas – Joseph Parisi
Dean Qureshi HomeGrown – Dean Qureshi
Paul Corricelli Inked In Blood – Paul Corricelli
John Alarid Kodak Moment – John Alarid
Tim Roberts McCracken – Tim Roberts
Glenn Rea Mercy – Glenn Rea
Timothy Jay Smith NORTH 40 – Timothy Jay Smith
Sundae Jahant-Osborn Seeing Red – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Bruce Rose Seven Days – Bruce Rose
Todd Sorrell Silent Rescue – Todd Sorrell
Michael Begg & Barry Lemoine That Sinking Feeling – Michael Begg & Barry Lemoine
Ronald L. Ecker The Browser – Ronald L. Ecker
Robert Dorian The Killing Of Kingmustang – Robert Dorian
Bruce Bowers To Set Things Right – Bruce Bowers
Benjamin Johnston Torn – Benjamin Johnston
Costi Gurgu Transference – Costi Gurgu
Howard Fridkin Unconscionable – Howard Fridkin
Keith Phillips Unsolved – Keith Phillips
Darlene Inkster Winchester 13 – Darlene Inkster

Television – Half Hour Pilot:
Addison Bhuyan The Americans: “Revolution and Resolution” – Addison Bhuyan
Sundae Jahant-Osborn A Lying Shame – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
David Earl Waterman All American Strip Mall – David Earl Waterman
Lisa Gold Ask Patsy – Lisa Gold
Karina de Allicon Cumming of Age – Karina de Allicon
Cary Anderson Do Over – Cary Anderson
Charlie Schulman Duke Of Rainbow Cove – Charlie Schulman
C.M. Robinson Gavin Hardy – C.M. Robinson
Lucia Jones Helicopter Parent Lucia Jones
David Minaskanian Ms. Littlefield – David Minaskanian
Graham Parke No Hope for Gomez! – Graham Parke
Dennis Camlek Off The Menu – Dennis Camlek
Kevin Nugent Retail Therapy – Kevin Nugent
Julie Livingston SELF HELP – Julie Livingston
Brian Randolph & Alex Randolph The Human Element – Brian Randolph & Alex Randolph
Bob Barth The Impostors – Bob Barth
Ed Mills & Jeremy Palmer The LA Diner – Ed Mills & Jeremy Palmer
Alan W. Porter Wake Up Call – Alan W. Porter

Television – Half Hour Spec:
2 Broke Girls – “And the Dino” – David Minaskanian
2 Broke Girls: “And the Exploding Dog” Debra Kibby
Black-ish: “From Here To Paternity” Taylor Landau
Blunt Talk: “You Can Shut Up Now” Jodie Mala
Broad City: “Star Floors” Chis Lamm
Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “The Recently Escaped Convict” – Geoff Heminway
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Frank’s Twin” – Evan Baughfman
Louie: “Valentine’s” Julie Madden
Mike & Molly: “Mike Path” Joseph Torres
Modern Family – “Retire-vention” – Tim Snook
Modern Family: “Walk Like A Man” Frankie Wilson
South Park “Heisenburger” – Daniel Becker
The Big Bang Theory – “The Procrastination Expiration” – David Minaskanian
The Big Bang Theory: “The Memory Game” – Debra Johnson
Younger – “You’re The New Me” – David Chester & Kimberly Tierney

Television – One Hour Pilot:
American Imam Jordan Al-Hadan
Consequences – Robert Christian Frostholm
Czar of Detroit – Guy Steele & Arthur Rains-McNally
DOE – Marc Rosenberg
Doktor Freud – Nic Torre
Dream Walker – Chris Hutton
Exitus – Steven J. Zurline Jr.
La Frontera – Brandon Stiefer
Leech – David Field & Geoff Morrell
Made in the USA – Michael Flores
Mindswipers – Ryan Andrew Brandt
Nightingale – William Nona
Riding the Rail – Korey Hagans
Seven Kings – Michael Esser
The Cage – Chris Hutton
The Knowing – Aneetha Rajan
The Lost Opera – Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
To Kill A King – Vincent S. Green
Trine – Kris Lippert

Television – One Hour Spec:
Blindspot: “Trap The Demon” Terry Ohara
Castle: “Just One More Thing” – John Portilla
Castle: “Dressed To Spill” Mia Farcon
Criminal Minds: “Color Blind” – Kristy Thomas
Doctor Who: “The Doctor and the Cook” – Alberto Corral
Empire: “Never Say Never” Joshua Harrison
Empire: “Walk Into Light” Jamie Henry
Empire: “Walking Alone Together” Allen Ingruber
Grey’s Anatomy: “Best Kind Of Hurt” Anthony Knowsley
Grey’s Anatomy: “Walk Outside, Run Inside” Dean Mansell
Lilyhammer: “Bring Jerry Home” – Debi Yazbeck
Mad Men: “The Last Straw” Ken Pantano
NCIS: ”The Enemy Outside” Kai Pithyou
Orange Is the New Black: “Sisters From Other Misters” Logan Portillo
Scandal: “Like Father, Like None” Britney Cambogia
The Americans: “Revolution and Resolution” – Addison Bhuyan