2012 Semi-Finalists

In order to choose the Grand Prize and Honorable Mention winners for Screenplay Festival, there are three rounds to the competition. In the first round, every script is read by several judges and rated regardless of genre. The screenplays with the highest ratings move into the second round, or the Semi-Final Round. The scripts listed below made it through this process and deserve recognition as Screenplay Festival Semi-Finalists.

The most frequent question we get asked is, “What percentage placement does being a Semi-Finalist make me?” Generally, the Semi-Finalists represent the top 25% of entries that we receive.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2012 Semi-Finalists:

A Deep Sleep and a Dark Dream – Anna K. Espada
Adventures of an Honorable Scoundrel – Michael J. Casey
Among Thieves – George Snyder
And Death Shall Have No Dominion – Sandra Corkins-Schmidt
Angels and ETs Part 1: The Remembrance – Alexander Chao
Apache Echo – David McCartney
Atilas – Guillermo Gomez
Banking on Betty – Geno Scala
Beyond Gender Wars – George Snyder
Bioterror Conspiracy – Louis Lio
Black Doors – Christopher Sorensen
Brown – Jon Christopher
Carmen’s Revenge – Richter Cox
Compass Rose: The Shrine Under the Sand – Alisha Johnson
Cristos Rising – Bobbette Findley
Curse of Darkness – Michael Douglas
Deadly Passage – Lawrence W. Gold
Deceiving Hitler – Charles E. Gibb
Double the Odds – Sherill Turner & Louise Ann Munro
E-mail from the Future – Michael J. Leider
Final Heaven – Josh Greenberg
Homecoming – Geoff Fairbanks & Katherine Huston
In Contract – Lyn Singleton & Christian Galliani
In Deadly Pursuit – Richard Hohenrath
In the Wrong Hands – Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Indiana Jones and the City of the Dead – Bobby Sacher
Leverage – Douglas Nicholas Farra
LIFECredit – Steven P. Stamatis & George J. Stamatis
MegaForce – Richard C. Bailey
Meltdown – Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Moulting – chau ai Pham
O’er The Land Of The Free – Richard Minkoff
Platinum Package – Michael Compton
Project Pandora – John O’Riley
Red Hats – Michael Toay & Travis Mann
Requited – Bill Johnston
Ripple – Heather Faris
Rising – Alex Rubit
Runner – Paul Sheridan
Scroll\Back – Jay Stamatis & Steve Stamatis
Shadow War – John Conner
Sleeper – Sean Farrington
Submission – Bruce Rose
TEANCUM – Mark Parker
Teancum Paradise Burning – Mark Parker
Tequila Wars – Spencer Michlin
The ACE Messiah – Christopher E. Marchant
The Blunt Edge – Joseph Baker
The Bodies – Dave Freda
The Consolidators – Cedric Williams & Alice Williams
The Fad – Michael E. Bierman
The Hammer – J. Neff Lind & Monika Lind
The Inch High Spy – D. Barton Campbell
The Last Exodus – Michael Baley
The Littlest Prince – Joe Borriello
The Lost World – Silverback – Richard Patterson
The Odysseus Project – Ian Connelly
The Plague Doctor – Daniel Paasch & Jeremy Westrate
The San Demetrio – John Mawson
The Stark Vendetta – Paul Sheridan
The Vengance Virus – Michael McHugh
The Wolf – Travis Hughes
Transylvania – Steven Lehti
VALYK – Michael Pallotta
Voracious – Travis Hughes
Wade – Alex Pickens
Where Honor Lies – Lisa Birth
Wrath – David Oake
ZULU Prime Manhunt – Ernest Turner

20 Million Rides To Earth – Erik Ratliff
Advent – Illimani
Annoying God – Janice Silver
Arrivals and Departures – Janeen Lang
Aunt Molly’s Meltdown – Deirdre L. Brenner
Beatle-Mitzvah – Colleen & Frank Malfitano
Bouncing – Peter Fitzgerald
Danny Crimson Vs. Reality – Kum-Jung Amrine
Dead Enders – Brent Hartinger
Dry-Clean Buffet – Lloyd Foster
Every Day’s A Holiday – Justine (Jay) Riedl
Food Truckers – Kevin McCabe
Food Wagon Warriors – Gregory James Snyder
Fuji High – Shawn Royce
Girls For Sale – Leslie Adkins
Hardwood – Robert Strickland
Her Inner Marilyn – Linda C. Anderson
Her Name Was Tuesday – James Ziolkowski
In Contract – Lyn Singleton & Christian Galliani
Ironwood – James Valko
Jury From Hell – Ashley Jacoby
Just Kill Me Already – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Kiddie Movie: The Reefer Resistance – Dan Lenko
Locked in the Trunk of a Car – Steven Kochems
Lovebirds – Boim Hwan & Nathalie Michel
Man(ny) Versus machine – Matthew Tolbert
Michael Imaginary – Coburn Tuller
Mistress Mom – Tony Scott
Mr. Ego – Alex Beattie
Music Row – Ronald L. Ecker
My Boyfriend’s the Antichrist – Adam Taylor
OJ’s Eleven – Lawrence Riggins 2
Outer Bounds – Daniel Mayer
Party-on Pattty – John Sancandi
Pinky Swear – John O’Riley
Presidents Day – Eduardo Presa
Pretty in Pantyhose – Geoff Fairbanks & Katherine Huston
Repossessed – Paul Eyskens
Rewriting Matt – Isabel Stille
Ripped: The Trip Van Winkle Story – Thomas E. Charles
Risk 101 – Hannah Leskosky
Rust In Peace – Yossi Koresh
Save Me, San Francisco – Drew Mackintosh
Screwed Up – Joseph Khaleghian
Secrets Of Men – George Covic
Self Storage – Glenn J. McGee
She Kills Me – David Klein
Shiny Things from Romania – Hank Clark IV
Space Case – Raef Eric Lawson
Step One – Doug Koziol
Stuffed – Don Lorincz
Surf-N-Church – Jeff Whitfill
The Babysitter – Tim Repicky
The Cemetery Plots – D. B. Silvis
The Convictioneers – Brent Hanneson
The Dinosaur Bowl – Herbert McCollom, Jr.
The Hatchling – Nicholas Thurkettle
The Impresario – John P. Murphy
The Intolerable Tales of the Inconsiderate Marty Wolfe – Richard Abbot & Joshua Track
The Message – Sandra Lee Bolton
The Muffin Conundrum – Diana Woody
The Peril of Loving a Sex God – Frances Haman-Prewitt
The Squawker – Craig Peters
The Tour – Clinton Buehring
The Woman From Another World – Mark Perlick
Those God-Damned Kids! – Annie Nishida
Two Peese in a Pad – Tom Christopher
Two Tickets – Scott A. Aiman
Unfinished Symphony – Milda Misevicius
Unhooking – Scott A. Aiman
Vagina Radio – Cheryl Shipp
Virtually Yours – Bob Kiely
What’s Gotten Into You? – Adam Lutzi Rockwell
Where The Men Are – Wendy Wilkins
Writer’s Block – Brad Howell

A Chance for Love – Diego Gorbea
A Safe Place – Herb Blitzstein
A Sort of Homecoming – Lynn Reed
A Special Place In Hell – Roberta Jones
A stolen piece of me – Monet Rondel Ayla
Advent – Illimani
All Sinners Fall – Josh Susie
Birthdays – Doris B. Gill
Blessé (Wounded) – Bob Canning
Bodie’s Sattva – Kyle Bostian
Brown – Jon Christopher
Campus – James Penny
Canadian Capers – Mae Leslie
China Girls – Garey Riester & Shea Riester
Condor One – John Simpson & Michael Simon
Connections – Ruth A. Simerly
Cowboy – Alex Mindt & Randall Harvey
Crazy People – Jeffrey Bowie Jr.
Cur – C.J. Williamson
Deadend – Anne Babb
Documented – Jocelyn Osier
East Palestine – Robb White
Executive – Zimran Jacob
Fenella’s Castle – Edward Vance
Fits – Rachel Thomas-Medwid
Five Days In Cannes – Eddie Naughton
Foresightq – Jon Lance Bacon
Freeya Goldilocks – Dirk De Gussem
Fry Sauce – Harmony Button
Give Your Heart To The Senator – Gwenis Alexis
Havel – Michael Long
Headlines – Anthony Ross
Heart of a Lyon – Ian de Vries
Hollywood Ending – Drew Deighan
Home – Romeo Ciolfi
Hoss – James P. Manouse
I’ll Die Tomorrow – John J. Maffucci
I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles – Jeffrey Heger
Khaki Star – Thomas Gressler
Laural and Harvey – Linda Rumney
Love In Time – Tony Scott
Loyal Americans – Margaret Dane
Magda G – Garrett Fisher & Amy Schrader
Maplewood Unfinished – Eric T. Allen
Missing Alice – Chris Preyor
Murphy’s Law Madness – Elinor J. Campbell
My Brother – Clinton Buehring
Nelson – Margaret Kukulsky
One Step Out – Mick O’Brien
Orange Dissection – T.J. Barkwill
Pasadena Parade – Bill Kay
Perspective – Joy Martinello
Red Rain – Jerome C. Sullivan
Road To Reunion – Miles Ledoux
Rock Your World – Eric H. Miller
Savannah Superstar II – Jerold Lynn Dixon
Searching for Asia – Garey Riester
Seeking Hope – Serim Yilmaz
Shooting An Officer – Daniel Lago
Sir Francis-Lord of Destiny – Lawrence T. Karol
Strays – Carlos Perez
Street Corners – Marie Robinson
Struggle – Kelvin Garner
Taking The Last Shot – Randy Hatch
Tears Of Eternity – John Michael Pearson
The Adjunct – Joe Amato & Kass Fleisher
The Bad Guy’s Sister – John McMillan
The Cul De Sac – Amy Corcoran & Kristine Ross Gibb
The Domino Theory – George Gary
The Hammer J. Neff Lind & Monika Lind
The Heart of War – Elaine Hargrove
The Last Set at the Vanguard – Diana Cobbold
The Laws of the Gods – Mary E. Laspakis Oleske
The Lost Boy – Andrew Crane
The Love Poems of a Professional Torturer – Leigh Hunt
The Other Woman – Mark Williams
The Real McCoy – Justin Taite
The Right Break – Erin Henkel & Liz Alfano
The Sheriff – Andrew Crane
The Tattooist – Heather Morris
The Three Armins – R B Schwartz
The Twenty-first Truth – Scott Wallace
The Zone – Mathieu Saliva
Three Passports – Gregory James Snyder
Three Rivers Meet – Craig Stewart
Till we meet again – Johan Matton & Alix Purcell
True Blue Widow – Birgit Syran Myaard
Two for the Show – Bob Cairns & Matt Gaffney
Virtually Yours – Bob Kiely
Wake Traci – D. R. Pedraza
Where Honor Lies – Lisa Birth
Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow – Doris B. Gill

Absolute Rubbish – Helen Rose Roberts
Alice Ashton – jean-Marie MAZALEYRAT
Ant-ics – Donald Ashe
Bad Dream Team – Dianna Zimmerman & Brad Jost
Clueless About Christmas – Jan Stanton
Countdown to Christmas – Richard C Bailey
Cursed – John O’Riley
Fiona’s Eyes – Mauryne Cecilia
Fish Gutting for Newlyweds – Amy Dyal Bailey
Fish Out Of Water – Nathan Carliner Goldman
Freedom – Angela Dorsey & Marina Miller
From the Heart – William Grady
Getting to First – Bears Fonte & Rick Fonte
Hybrids – Tony Schweikle
Hybrids – Tony Schweikle
Jason’s House – Murray Spitzer
Lady Godiva’s Wild Ride – Murray Spitzer
Prince of Fishes – Geoff Fairbanks
Rembrandt & The Seedlings – Doris B. Gill
Safari Green – Shawn Royce
Say Goodbye to Sweetgrass – T.J. Lynch
Spiff – Jill Remensnyder
Spirit of the Everglades – Michael Bavota
Staycation – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Taking The Last Shot – Randy Hatch
Tendenko – Shawn Royce
The Teddy Bear Battalion – Kimberly J. Kreines
The Ultimate Almanac – David Ullendorff
The Way Home – Kathryn Kyker
The Winds Of Tomorrow – Donald C. Wilson
Tink – Gerald Pallay
Turkey Day – Michael Lee Barlin
Twisty – Sean Ridley
What if a Woman…? – Christine Williams
White House Intern – Murray Spitzer

A Tale of Ghosts – Jillian Ayers
Abra Cadaver – T.J. Lynch
Alone With The Devil – Tom Zanca
Apartment 16 – Scott Sentell
ASOMNIA – Stuart Creque
Beauty and the Beasts – Andy Cannistra
Black Doors – Christopher Sorensen
Bound – Tracey Keefer
Brown – Jon Christopher
Capricorn Rise – Timothy C. Darbyshire
Chambers – Stan Himes
Closed At Dusk – Anita J. Justice
Counterpart – Corneliu Filip
Crater – Luke Pimentel
Death by DNA – Amy Dyal Bailey
Deliver Us From Evil – Scott R. Martin
Demon Witness – Tom Streich
Dog Eat Dog – Shannon Sleeth
Dog Park – Matthew Perrett & Gregory Gutierrez
Dogs of Fortune – Rik Filion
Drink With A Stranger – Anita J. Justice
Escape From Damnation 5 – Timothy Moriarty
Harbinger – Gloria Miller
Haunts – Kevin Cain
Hearts – Fidence Umuhire
Hellster Inc. – Matthew Rafferty
Howl at the Moon – Alex Cope & Will Zech
Hunter – Jason Kellerman
I Love Playing With Fire – Diana Posner
Kiss Of The Chupacabra – Daniel Wilson Clark
KISS/KILL – Stephen G. Levy
La Cinema – Zayn Abbott
Last Report Card – Julius Terrell Parsons
LILLY OF THE WOOD – Quentin Batten
Mind Over Matter – Donald C. Wilson
MOPINS – Richard L. Sartore
Necromancer – Christopher Sorensen
P.I. PUP – Beth Rohach
Rayna – Paul Vincent Rapisarda
Rust In Peace – Yossi Koresh
Savage Third – Sean McKee
Seeing Red – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
Shadow of the Darkness – Rick Sande & Barry Goldstein
Snow: Chupacabra – Elliott V. Porter
Spore – Richard C. Bailey
Standing Here Smiling – Don Santiago
The 49TH DAY – Craig Peters
The Bloodline – Christine Feldman
The Constantine Conspiracy – Gary E. Parker
The Devil’s Footprints – Eric Jeske
The Domain – Michael Raymond
The Fad – Michael E. Bierman
The Feast – Eric Whittington & Tracy Whittington
The Gaslamp Horror – Jeremy D. Christensen
The Gypsy – Jon Christopher
The Hammer – J. Neff Lind & Monika Lind
The Macau Omen – Tony Shyu
The Melody Of Sephira – Christopher Sorensen
The Old Castle’s Secret – Timothy W. Savage
The Peony Promise – Emanuel Ruggeir
The Plague Doctor – Daniel Paasch & Jeremy Westrate
The Seedlings – Lisa Ehrlich
The Squawker – Craig Peters
The Terrorist – Manuel Ortega Caro
The Well – Michael McInerney
Tool Store – Spencer Balentine
Transylvania – Steven Lehti
Unravel – Howard Fridkin & Tom McCurrie
Whatever Happened to Tiki Kula – Eddy Barrows
With Monsters – Robert Herzog
X=0 – Diana Cobbold