2003 Winners

Congratulations to the 2003 Winners! The judging committee continues to battle and debate, but at this time we are pleased to announce all the winners for the 2003 Competition!

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and would again like to congratulate everyone for their great writing!

2003 Winners:

Grand Prize
Jammed Transmission — Ron Singleton

Honorable Mentions
Khins — Chris Rakotomamonjy
The Avon Man — Dave Vaughan
The Knights of Rhodes — Iris Yamashita
The Midnight Rambler — John Charles Lewis

Grand Prize
Citations — Peter Walsh

Honorable Mentions
Armageddon at Coffeeheaven — Lucy Cruell
Hotline — Nicholas Turner
Illegal Operations — Kerry Dye
Not Here, You Won’t — Jack Kilpatrick
Paging Nostradamus — Mark Saunders

Grand Prize
Halfway Around The World — Tammy Stewart

Honorable Mentions
A Small War — Victor Silva
Chasing Rainbows — Nathan Cline
Doctor Kosek — Bob Joseph
Gutter-Punks — Lee W. Jones II
The Dale — Rick Polizzi
When Everything Mattered — Michael Woolery

Grand Prize
King of The Court — Debra Johnson

Honorable Mentions
Adam, The Boy Genius — Monte Zain Tajudin
Escape From Algebra I. — Chuck Whitton
Stagemom — Maggie Franks
The Year I Did Nothing — Ana Barredo

Grand Prize
Cold as Ice — Pat Edwards

Honorable Mentions
Canaries — Craig Cambria
Interstate — Marc Samson
North Park — P. Rolf Larson
Orion Rising — David Butterfield
The Jovian Dilemma — John Flynn

Honorable Mentions
Hello In There — Gina Brown
The Lilac Papers — Jeff Goldstein
Best Friend — William Malkin
Takes 2 2 Tango — Alex Sabeti